Weather and Taxes

Ballys, Paris Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood on the "Strip" (Las Vegas Boulevard) in Las Vegas, Nevada

Weather and taxes, the 2 things everyone talks about but is not doing anything about it. That is because we have no control over weather and taxes. But we can choose where to live and choose a place that has reasonable weather and taxes.

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Weather in 30 popular U.S. destinations

In addition to Las Vegas being the Entertainment Capital of the World, the best casinos, best shows, best restaurants, it is also has pretty good weather compared to most U.S. cities. Las Vegas is known for having very hot summers and there is no denying that. The weather is typically over 100 degrees all summer long. However, it is a dry heat with very low humidity. When you take into account the very low humidity and how the heat feels to the skin and body, the heat index is actually lower than 100 degrees during most summer days. The other seasons are very pleasant in Las Vegas and it is not uncommon for temperatures to be over 70 degrees on some days, even during the winter. See this comparison chart of some very famous and popular destinations around the U.S. and where Las Vegas performs. The closer temperatures are to the perfect 72 degrees (22 Celsius), the less likely you are to need air conditioning or heating and the more time you can spend enjoying outdoor activities.

Temperatures over 80 degrees in this chart include the heat index (how the heat feels to the body due to humidity effects)

Rank City Avg daytime high winter Avg daytime high spring Avg daytime high summer Avg daytime high fall Avg difference from 72
1 San Diego, California 66 70 76 70 3.5
2 Los Angeles, California 68 74 86 73 5.3
3 San Francisco, California 59 64 67 68 7.5
4 Las Vegas, Nevada 62 84 96 68 12.5
5 Memphis, Tennessee 63 85 98 69 12.8
6 New Orleans, Louisiana 66 88 100 73 12.8
7 Atlanta, Georgia 57 81 90 63 12.8
8 Charolotte, N. Carolina 56 80 89 62 12.8
9 Portland, Oregon 50 67 78 54 12.8
10 Denver, Colorado 47 71 82 55 13.3
11 Houston, Texas 66 88 102 73 13.3
12 Dallas, Texas 60 85 97 68 13.5
13 Phoenix, Arizona 70 89 102 77 13.5
14 Seattle, Washington 48 63 73 51 13.8
15 Tampa Bay, Florida 73 89 103 78 13.8
16 Orlando, Florida 73 90 103 78 14.0
17 Washington, DC 48 76 87 58 14.3
18 New York, New York 43 71 83 54 14.8
19 Philadelphia, Penn. 44 73 85 55 14.8
20 Baltimore, Maryland 46 74 89 56 15.3
21 St. Louis, Missouri 45 76 87 55 15.8
22 Miami, Florida 77 90 101 84 16.0
23 Pittsburgh, Penn. 40 70 81 51 16.0
24 Boston, Massachusetts 40 66 79 52 16.3
25 Honolulu, Hawaii 82 88 95 89 16.5
26 Cleveland, Ohio 38 69 80 50 16.8
27 Detroit, Michigan 36 69 80 48 17.8
28 Chicago, Illinois 36 69 81 48 18.0
29 Minneapolis, Minnesota 29 68 80 42 21.3
30 Anchorage, Alaska 26 53 63 30 29.0

sources: Sperlings Best Places climate profiles, National Weather Service heat index calculator, World Weather Information Service, Weather Underground, The Weather Channel

The best method for comparing weather between cities is by the temperatures and how close they are to the perfect 72 degrees (22 Celsius). Other methods might be subjective and can be biased toward a particular region. This is purely number based and on what really matters, how little you would have to use air conditioning or heating and how much time you could open your windows for fresh air without getting too hot or cold. Anchorage, Alaska is shown on this list even though their population is not as large as the other cities on this list; to give the list wide geographical representation and to show that this method does not favor cold climates (Alaska) or hot climates (Hawaii) and focuses on what is truly the best weather.

San Diego has very nice weather due to being at just the right amount of distance from the equator, not too close and not too far away at 32 degrees North and being a coastal beach city. It is also a coastal city on the Pacific Ocean which has much cooler waters compared to the Indian and Atlantic oceans. As such, the Pacific Ocean acts as a natural air conditioner keeping temperatures cool, but not cold all year long. Las Vegas does not have any where near as nice of a weather as San Diego but when compared to most other cities in the U.S. it ranks pretty high at the number 4 spot.


In addition to pretty good weather, Las Vegas is in the State of Nevada known for some of the lowest taxes of all 50 states. There is no state personal income tax, no corporate income tax, no inheritance taxes, no inventory taxes and reasonable property taxes making it a popular place for business opportunities or for people who just want to take home as much of their salary as possible.

There are a few other states that also do not have a personal state income tax but have exorbitant property taxes, including Florida and Texas. In Nevada the property taxes are fairly reasonable at about one percent of the market value. High property taxes make the cost of home ownership very high. Landlords typically pass high property taxes through to the rents, making the cost of renting higher for tenants in states with high property taxes.

To rank the tax burdens of each state, the Tax Foundation compared the total taxes that state residents pay as a percentage of per capita income. Included in the total taxes are state income taxes and local taxes such as property taxes and local sales taxes. The top five states whose residents pay the least in taxes are:

1. Alaska
2. Nevada
3. Wyoming
4. Florida
5. New Hampshire

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